5 Design trends to keep an eye on in 2020!

It’s almost time for 2020 which means there are going to be some new design trends to look forward to. The new year is a fresh start for a lot of people, and it can be a fresh start for your home as well. We looked at some design trends for 2020 and here are a few that we believe will be quite popular:


By using colours like whites with cool and warm undertones, shades of grey and beige and warm neutrals, you can easily create a calm and comfortable space to relax in. These colours will also allow you to decorate the space with furniture and artwork to your own personal taste.

A neutral colour palette.

2. Black makes it return:

A lot of people are scared of using black in their homes because it’s such a dark and overpowering colour, but if you use it correctly, your home can look very high-end and on-trend. Try including some contrasting colours, like white and light grey to lighten up the space.

Stunning black kitchen design.

Design and photo credit: Biasol

3. Floral wallpapers

The floral wallpaper trend for 2020 is nothing like the light pink, repetitive pattern one thinks of. It’s bright and vibrant which will make your walls pop. Try pairing the wallpaper with neutral coloured furniture and artwork to compliment your choice of wallpaper.

Floral wallpaper with neutral and complimentary coloured furniture pieces.

Wallpaper and image credit: Wallpaper Inn

4. Mixed metals

The days of sticking to one type of metal or similar coloured metals in one room are over. This trend is all about combining different types of metals: silver, gold, bronze, copper and tin. Choose metals that work well together, like silver and brown metals, but don’t combine more than three. Try choosing two metals of a similar colour and have the third option be the focal metal.

Bedroom design with mixed metals in the furniture.

Design and image credit: Tisha Ballowe

5. Biophilia design

Biophilia design can be accomplished by using natural elements like woods, metals and stone, and combining it with human design. The trick is to combine these two elements without making the space look manufactured but more natural. Plants are a great way of making your home feel clean and environmentally friendly while contributing to an organic aesthetic.

Photo credits: Claren Ceklugh.

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