A few ways to change the feel of a room with a can of paint.

The colour and shade of paint, and more specifically, on which walls you apply it, can dramatically change the appearance of a room.

We have created a few scenarios which display how a room can change with paint application only:

1. The original accent wall:

We're all used to the single accent wall in a room, which is still a great feature. This application method is great to draw focus to a beautiful piece of art or a stunning couch because it draws all the attention to this one specific wall.

Image 1: The original accent wall.

2. The ceiling-wall line:

This application is more bold than the previous one. When entering the room, the eye is immediately drawn to the accent wall and then up. This is great to accentuate the artwork and beautiful light fixture in the room. It also elongates the room and brings the ceiling down a bit for a more cosy feel.

Image 2: The ceiling-wall line.

3. All eyes go up:

If you have a beautiful light fixture that you would love to make the star of the room, then opt for this accent type. Your eyes are drawn upward immediately. This accent also lowers the ceiling, making the room feel more dramatic.

Image 3: All eyes go up.

4. All around:

If you want a room that appears taller, then this accent is the best choice. By painting all the walls in your accent colour and leaving the ceiling white, you actually create the impression of higher ceilings. This accent also draws the eyes to the back of the room, which is great if you want to show off an accent piece in the room.

Image 4: All around.

5. Off-centre:

By painting the accent wall and one side wall, you draw the attention to one side of the room. Upon entering the room, your eyes are drawn to the left corner of the room. This is great to show off a beautiful lamp or plant in your space.

Image 5: Off-centre.

6. Bold and beautiful:

If you're looking for a very dramatic look and feel in the room, then this option is for you. By painting the ceiling and walls, you create a very comfortable and bold room, which will be a great option for a movie room.

Image 6: Bold and beautiful.

Below is an image which compares all the looks next to each other. Try out your favourite and see how your space changes.

Image 7: The comparison.

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