How to create your own home office.

The Coronavirus has forced us to move into a new way of living… and working. Most of us are working from home and have realised what affect interior design has on our daily work routine. In the office, everything is laid out in a certain way to accommodate the needs of the employee. You have your desk with all the drawer space you need, a place to store all of your bulky files and a working printer in another room that doesn’t take up all the space on your desk.

We’re getting a little annoyed having to work on the couch or on the dining room table. The noise can get too much and we feel overwhelmed with the amount of work we have to do. Which is exactly why setting up your own home office can be very beneficial during this time.

We will pay more attention to the way we arrange our homes. What items or rooms we used to find important and which we don’t anymore. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when rearranging your home and work space:

Home office design.

1. Find an unused room or space within your home.

The ideal space would be an enclosed room with a big window to allow some fresh air and sunlight to come into your home office. If you don’t have an extra room to use as your home office, look out for any unused spaces in your home. This can be a corner in the living room or your bedroom. The idea is to have a dedicated space in your home for working only.

2. Declutter and organising.

You cannot work in a space that has too many unnecessary items lying around. You also don’t want to work on a tiny surface because more than half of your desk is taken over by things you haven’t used in months. Work through the extra items in your home and throw away everything you haven’t used in over a year. Chances of you using it in the future are slim. If your desk is clear, your thoughts will be as well and you’ll have a more productive work day.

3. Storage.

While decluttering and organising, look for any objects (baskets, large containers, etc.) to store loose papers or old files in. This will keep your space clean and tidy. You can also rearrange some cupboards and dedicate one specifically to your work files. When all the clutter is out of sight, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work a lot better.

4. Find a desk.

It can get really annoying when you have to work with your laptop on your lap and all your files spread out on the couch. Find yourself a desk to make working at home more comfortable. You will also need a comfortable chair and good lighting. These small elements all add up to a productive day.

5. Set-up your Wi-Fi and computer.

Make sure you have a decent Wi-Fi connection to avoid any unnecessary struggles. You can also set up your computer and printer or any other appliances you might need to make the flow of your home office more efficient. If everything has a dedicated space, you will be able to concentrate on your work instead of everything lying around.

7. Decorate your new office.

If you don’t want to buy new accessories for your home office, try moving around some ornaments or pictures in your home. Maybe you have an additional lamp hiding in the garage or some extra plants standing around. When you make the space more aesthetically pleasing to your eye, you’ll enjoy spending time in your new home office.

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