How to hang artwork properly

Art is an important aspect in any home. It represents the people who live there, their likes and taste, which is why it's very important to consider where to hang it. Believe it or not, but the way you hang art in your home can have a massive impact on the look and feel of a room.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some foolproof tips for hanging art. I will provide tips for a few different areas, but here are some general rules to follow:

  • Hang artwork 10cm to 15cm above the furniture piece.

  • Space artwork 5cm to 10cm apart.

  • Your artwork should fill 2/3 of the furniture piece.

1. Above your bed:

  • When hanging more than one piece of art, align them all at the bottom.

  • If you're into the minimalistic look, match all the frames of the artwork. If you like look that is a little more daring, try playing with the textures and colours of frames.

2. Above the couch:

  • When hanging more than one piece of art, align them all in the middle.

  • Try choosing one prominent colour that runs throughout all chosen pieces.

3. Above a buffet/dresser:

  • Try creating a collage with your different art pieces instead of hanging them all in a row.

  • Play with different shapes, textures and types of art above a dresser.

4. In the dining room:

  • Hang the artwork at a comfortable eye level when seated, not standing.

  • Don't let the lighting fixture block the view of the artwork.

  • Align the artwork in the middle of the table.

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