The design process

If you have never dealt with an interior designer, you are probably not familiar with the design process. There is a lot more involved in the process than choosing paint colours or moving furniture around. Below are the steps we follow during the project:

The design process.

1. The consultation:

This is the first phase of the project; gathering as much information as possible. We will meet with you and ask you a bunch of questions regarding your project, and what your needs are for the project. After the meeting, we create a brief for ourselves and analyse it; creating key requirements that are crucial to the project, like the desired style for example. We’ll create a list of all the necessary elements we need to include to complete the design.

2. Creating the preliminary design:

We start by creating a mood board. The mood board will present the feel of the room and include inspiration images, accessory ideas, paint colours, etc. We’ll use these images to create a preliminary design proposal before heading to the computer for the final design. The preliminary design proposal will include hand sketches and the mood board, giving you a rough idea of where we are heading. We’ll take notes of all the elements you like and don’t like and use this list to finalise the design.

3. The final design:

The list created in the preliminary design will be used to finalise the whole design. We’ll start by creating floor plans, elevations and sections on the computer and we’ll also create realistic renders of each room. We’ll create a sample board (a board showcasing every single finish we’ll use in the project), finishing schedules (showing all furniture and accessories to be used), and we’ll compose a quotation for the final design as well. Another presentation will be arranged with you and when you are happy with the final design, you sign off the design and we start the manufacturing and installation processes.

4. The installation phase:

During this phase of the project, we will start off by creating a time schedule. This schedule will show all phases of the project and also show the duration of each phase. Phases include tiling, painting, plumbing, electrical, furniture delivery and installation, accessorising, etc. You will receive a copy of the time schedule to track the project with us. The installation and manufacturing processes commence and a company representative will be on site every day to ensure the installation runs smoothly.

5. Hand over:

When everything has been installed, we’ll walk through the space with you and create a snag list (a list of all the minor elements that need to be fixed, like a loose handle for example). You’ll sign off on the completed project and enjoy your brand new space!

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