Themes vs. Concepts

There is actually a big difference between a themed and a concept room in interior design. If you tend to grow tired of a certain space in your home, it could be because your space is based on a theme instead of on a concept.

A theme is an idea that is clearly visible while a concept is an abstract idea.

Let's take a look at a coastal theme versus a coastal concept:


Image 1:

Themed rooms are typically very trendy. In the image above, the coastal theme is very literal, with the use of shells, images of different sea life, as well as the word beach on the artwork.

Guest houses tend to use themed rooms to communicate the type of accommodation available to their guests.



A concept based room has a deeper meaning which is achieved by using ideas, thoughts and relations to create the design. By using shapes, colours, patterns and textures, you create a more subliminal and classic space.

People who permanently live by the coast will have more concept based beach homes.

Here are a few more examples of themed vs concept based rooms:

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